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Smart hiking is safe hiking
Smart hiking is safe hiking

Oct. 23, 2020 - Whether it is a day hike or even just a few hours on a trail, it's wise to carefully plan any outdoor outing. During the past month, Grand Canyon National Park rangers have responded to 51 search and rescue incidents and 37 medical evacuations requiring a helicopter.

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Weekly VOCAB

Week of October 19

delves: verb; looks into; studies, explores;
Let's hope for the luck of the Irish - and follow COVID-19 guidelines

identify: verb; name, reveal;
Hurricane Delta has eye on Mississippi River delta

recorded: verb; noted, measured;
Hurricane Sally to make landfall tonight or early tomorrow

simmering: verb; cooking on low heat;
Distracted cooking can be disastrous

Today In History

October 25

1764: Library of Congress: Abigail Smith married a young lawyer from Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts, by the name of John Adams, who would become, some thirty years later, the second president of the United States. Their union launched a vital and long-lived partnership of fifty-four years, which carried the couple from colonial Boston to Philadelphia and the politics of revolution; to Paris and London and the world of international diplomacy; and finally to New York , Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., where in November, 1800 they became the first presidential couple to occupy the newly built White House in the nation’s new capital. Among their five children, John Quincy Adams would also become a U.S. president. For almost two centuries, Abigail Smith Adams remained the only American who was both the wife and the mother of a president, a distinction she now shares with Barbara Bush. Abigail Adams is perhaps best remembered for her letters, written especially to her husband during long periods of separation, but also to her larger network of family members and friends, such as Mercy Otis Warren and Thomas Jefferson.

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Extra! Extra! Writing Practice Practice your writing skills by summarizing the information contained in the story at the left. What is the main point of the story? What are the key findings? Why is the story an important one? What are its implications? When finished, you can print or email your document or save it Google Drive.
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