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Dandelion is a dandy weed - and food
Dandelion is a dandy weed - and food

June 12, 2022 - It's not spring if yellow button flowers are not popping up everywhere. The single flower with spiky leaves springing from the ground, a dandelion, is the nemesis of landscapers paid to keep lawns all green. It's a weed. But dandelion flowers and leaves are not only edible but also very nutritious.

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spiky: adjective;noted by having spikes or sharp points; Find it in blue in today's top story!

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Weekly VOCAB

Week of June 30

immersion: noun; state of being immersed (verb form) - within something such as a body of water
Experience winter beauty - safely

impacts: noun; results from actions that cause a change, either positive or negative; consequences;
Winter 'Swan Song' brewing in the West

precautions: noun; steps or actions to take to prevent something from happening;
Millions will travel over Memorial Day

Today In History

July 3

1863: Library of Congress: Union troops repelled a massive artillery assault on Cemetery Ridge during the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg in southern Pennsylvania. During the early morning hours Confederate General Robert E. Lee ordered General Longstreet to prepare General Pickett's troops for the assault. Longstreet advised Lee of his reservations about the success of such an advance, which he did not feel Confederate troops could sustain. Lee disregarded Longstreet and maintained his order for a heavy bombardment of Union defenses on the Ridge followed by an advance of Pickett's men. After two hours of heavy shelling, Confederate Colonel Alexander sent word to General Pickett that the Union troops were withdrawing and encouraged him to come quickly in the interval. Pickett sent his note to General Longstreet who, based on Lee's orders and despite his own reservations, approved the charge. The attack, commonly known as Pickett's Charge or Longstreet's Assault, was an attempt to penetrate the center of Union forces on Cemetery Ridge. During the attack, only one Confederate brigade temporarily reached the top of the ridge - afterwards called the high watermark of the Confederacy - led by Brigadier General Lewis Armistead who, just before being shot, yelled, "Give them cold steel, boys!" The charge ultimately proved disastrous for the Confederates, with casualties approaching 60 percent. As a consequence, Confederate General Robert E. Lee was forced to retreat and ultimately abandon his attempt to reach Washington, D.C. via Pennsylvania.

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