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All of the links in this section are open education resources that SNN has visited and reviewed. Most of the links are from federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations that manage libraries, museums, and galleries throughout the country. There are also international organizations included in the database, a database that will continue to expand as SNN reviews additional educational resources.

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Gail Halvorsen Aviation Education Center
Gail Halvorsen, 98 as of Aug. 28, 2019, is a WWII veteran and pilot best known as the "Candy Bomber" during the Berlin Airlift (1947-1948) when he dropped candy from planes to starving German children. His education center is in Provo, Utah.

Gardner Museum
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Boston, Massachusetts

Garfield National Historic Site
The James A. Garfield National Historic Site in Ohio (National Park Service)

Gemological Institute of America
Gemological Institute of America - post secondary education in gemology (gems)

Geneva Protocol
the 1925 Geneva Protocol, an international ban on chemical weapons (Source: U.S. Department of State)

George Eastman House
George Eastman House - International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, New York

George H.W. Bush Library
George H.W. Bush Library at Texas A & M Univ. - 41st president

George W. Bush Presidential Center
George W. Bush Presidential Center - 43rd president

George Washington Carver National Monument
George Washington Carver National Monument, site of his birth and childhood home in Missouri

official website for the state of Georgia; Atlanta (capital)

Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta

Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum - located in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, Michigan

Getty Museum
The J. Paul Getty Museum, an art museum, located in Los Angeles, California

Gettysburg Address - transcript (primary source doc)
Transcript of President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg National Military Park
Gettysburg National Military Park - National Park Service

Ghent, Treaty of (primary source doc)
Treaty of Ghent in 1814 to end the War of 1812 between the U.S. and England;

Glass Art Society
Glass Art Society: organization for glass artists with 2,700 members in 50 countries; based in Seattle

Glassblowing schools and workshops
Information for students about glassblowing from the Glass Art Society in Seattle, Washington

Globe at Night
international effort to call attention to light pollution;

Go Red for Women
Go Red for Women - heart health campaign by the American Heart Association

Goddard, Robert
The life of Robert Goddard, father of modern rocketry (NASA)

Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - 75th anniversary

Golden Spike National Historic Site
Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah were the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869 (National Park Service)

Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park - National Park Service - Arizona

Great Depression and New Deal
excellent summary of the Great Depression and the New Deal by John Hardman of Stanford University

Great Lakes - EPA
Great Lakes info - Environmental Protection Agency, EPA

Great Lakes - TEACH
educational resource by the Great Lakes Commission through a grant from the EPA

Great Lakes Historical Society
The Great Lakes Historical Society located in Toledo, Ohio

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
Shipwreck Museum located in Paradise, Michigan

Great Northern Festival
The Great Northern Festival in Minneapolis-St. Paul; an unbelievable array of winter activities in late January into February including huge ice sculptures, autonomous snow plowing, pond ice hockey, outdoor feasts and more..

Great War Aeroplanes Association
The Great War Aeroplanes Association - World War I airplanes

Green Bank Observatory
Green Bank Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation, located in West Virginia, and is focused on radio astronomy

Greensboro Four
On Feb. 1, 1960, four African American North Carolina A&T State University students sat at a Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro and would not leave until served. Their peaceful sit-in eventually led to the elimination of Jim Crow laws in the south.

Greenwich Mean Time
Greenwich Mean Time, GMT, also called Greenwich Meridian Time

Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California

Guggenheim Museums
Guggenheim Museums

Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records - since 1955

Gymnastics - Team USA
USA Gymnastics

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  • Christmas Bird Count has 120-year history Christmas Bird Count has 120-year history
    Dec. 12, 2019 - Nestled in front of a warm, cozy fire is not the be-all and end-all for millions of birders. Birders relish being out in the cold. They like to watch - and count - their fine-feathered friends. The National Audubon Society is hosting its annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC). It's now in its 120th year. Counting begins Saturday!
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  • Coast Guard carries on for the Schuenemann brothers Coast Guard carries on for the Schuenemann brothers
    Dec. 9, 2019 - Imagine operating a ship on the Great Lakes in 1898. August and Herman Schuenemann, brothers, annually made the treacherous trek on icy waters to sell and give away Christmas trees at Chicago's waterfront.
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  • Christmas Bird Count has 120-year history Christmas Bird Count has 120-year history
    Dec. 12, 2019 - Birders are people who like to watch birds. They watch birds on purpose. They even like to be outside when it's cold. Birders like their fine-feathered friends (birds). For 120 years, birders have been counting birds on Christmas. The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) begins Saturday.
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  • Coast Guard carries on for the Schuenemann brothers Coast Guard carries on for the Schuenemann brothers
    Dec. 9, 2019 - Each November in Chicago, a ship pulls into a dock. It has hundreds of Christmas trees. The trees traveled on the Great Lakes to reach Chicago. The trip is a tribute to August and Herman Schuenemann who were brothers.
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