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Slog: verb – to work diligently for long hours slogged, slogging, slogs
(The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition, ©2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company)
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There are billions and billions of bits of information available on the Internet. But have you ever had over one million search results staring at you on your screen and still felt as if you had no idea how to complete an assignment? What source is credible? Is it a primary source reference? What does the text mean? How current is the information? SNN has developed SLOG-ITT to help you find and - Share Lots Of Great Information Through Technology.
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Rosetta Orbiter & Philae Lander

This video is from SNN's 2012 Wilson factory story. Watch sheets of cowhide being cut, sewn, laced, inflated and turned into NFL footballs! Do you have a question? Post questions or comments in the Chat box below.

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SNN SLOG - NFL footballs – Made in America
Footballs – not pigskin but cowhide
Every football used in every Super Bowl game (1967 to present) has been made by Wilson Sporting Goods at their football factory in Ada, Ohio. The factory in Ada is the only football factory left in the United States. So small town Ada plays a big role in the uniquely American sport of football. The ball has historically been called a “pigskin” because when footballs were first made, the lining inside the football came from pigs. Linings are no longer made from pigs. But the leather on the outside of the ball has always been made from cowhide. Sheets of cowhide, prepared to exact specifications for the NFL, are shipped to Ada from a company based in Chicago. In Ada, the factory is a symphony of sounds of people and machines cutting, sewing, inflating, lacing, packing and shipping thousands of NFL footballs throughout the year. Each football is laced by hand. January really puts Ada on the national field. Names of the two Super Bowl teams are stamped into the cowhide. No matter which team is crowned Super Bowl champion, it's always a win for Ada and a win for Made in America!
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4. SNN Story: Made – by hand – in America

Wilson also makes footballs for many colleges and high schools. The cowhide panels of NFL, college and high school balls are sewn on a special Lock-Stitch machine that literally locks every stitch into place. If a stitch becomes loose, it won't unravel the whole ball, according to Greg Miller, plant comptroller at Wilson's Ada plant (no relation to SNN editor).

Sheets of cowhide made to NFL specifications are shipped to Ada from Chicago. After the cowhide is cut, pieces are sewn together and a football takes shape!
Each football is laced by hand. With liners in the footballs, the balls are inflated.
Each football is inspected to make sure it meets all standards for production. Footballs are boxed and ready to be shipped.
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