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  Meteorologists have new high tech eyes in the sky
Meteorologists have new high tech eyes in the sky
Nov. 20, 2017 - The first of four next generation environmental satellites successfully launched last Friday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The satellite is designed to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts and is a joint mission of NOAA and NASA.
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counterclockwise: adverb;a direction that is opposite from how hands on a clock move; Find it in blue in today's top story!
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By the numbers: Flu vaccine prevents the fluBy the numbers: Flu vaccine prevents the flu
Nov. 15, 2017 - The flu vaccine prevents millions of cases of influenza, millions of medical visits, and thousands of hospitalizations.
Weekly VOCAB

Week of November 20

analyzing: verb; the action of studying data and/or events to determine future actions and to produce an analysis;
Irma makes first landfall in the Florida Keys

colliding: verb; running into, hitting something or someone;
Scientists study bird migration and artificial light

empowered: verb; strengthened, having power and ability to handle something;
Happy Halloween!

transmitted: Select Part of speech...; sent;
ESA releases new image

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November 20

1917: Tanks were effectively used for the first time in battle by the British at the Battle of Cambrai during World War I.

1866: Library of Congress: Howard University founding - Ten members of the First Congregational Society of Washington, D.C., gathered in the home of Deacon Henry Brewster for a missionary meeting. While there, they resolved to establish a seminary for the training of African-American clergymen. By early 1867, the founders had broadened their mission to encompass colleges of liberal arts and medicine. The university was named for Major General Oliver O. Howard, a founder of the university as well as a Civil War hero and commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau (1865-72). Howard directed considerable resources towards establishing the university, including the original three-acre campus, the main building, and the old medical school.

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Hands-on, heads-up, hearts-in learning permeates INSPIRE DayHands-on, heads-up, hearts-in learning permeates INSPIRE Day
Sept. 18, 2017 - The Norman Borlaug Boyhood Home in Cresco, Iowa served as an outdoor classroom Friday for more than 250 fifth graders.


1. How did Norman Borlaug save the lives of one billion people through his research and work in Mexico?

2. How is the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation keeping the legacy of Norman Borlaug alive?

3. What does it mean to "literally walk in the footsteps of Dr. Norman Borlaug?" 

INSPIRE Day was an exciting and educational field trip for students.



I Approve This Message: Decoding Political Ads: Since 1952, political ads have aired on television during presidential elections. Seismic changes have occurred in the nation since that time but the power and punch of political ads remain the same.

Major flooding impacts Iowa: Thousands of residents in eastern and central Iowa spent the Sept. 24-25 weekend filling and placing sandbags around buildings to protect against rising water predicted to reach flood stage in many locations.
Scrumptious Salsa Science: Salsa is scrumptious, a fun food that is super nutritious, super easy to make, and super science. Learn how hydroponic vegetables are grown with Bryan Ellis from the Toledo Natural Science Technology Center. 
One Hot and Cool Topic: The Art - and Science - of Glass: Watch a master instructor of glassblowing sculpt a bowl from a gob of molten glass. 
What are the Iowa Caucuses?: Learn the history of the Iowa Caucuses through "First in the Nation," an exhibit at the Iowa Historical Museum in Des Moines. 
Firefighters gearing up for ThanksgivingFirefighters gearing up for Thanksgiving
Nov. 17, 2017 - More home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year, according to NFPA.
Test well water for arsenicTest well water for arsenic
Nov. 8, 2017 - About 44 million people use private wells for fresh drinking water. A new USGS study reports some wells may have too much arsenic.
Sullivan Brothers: a legacy of sacrifice, service and loyalty Sullivan Brothers: a legacy of sacrifice, service and loyalty
Nov. 7, 2017 - On Nov. 13, 1942, five Sullivan brothers were killed when their ship was hit during the Battle of Guadalcanal.
Outbreak linked to puppies involves 15 statesOutbreak linked to puppies involves 15 states
Nov. 6, 2017 - Fifteen states are involved in a multi-state outbreak linked to puppies sold at Petland stores.
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