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Strawberries: one super summer fruit
Strawberries: one super summer fruit

June 24, 2019 - Florida and California are the two top strawberry producing states in the United States but strawberry fields can be found in many states. For northern fields, the berries are ripe, red, and ready to be picked right now.

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nutritious: adjective;good or beneficial to the human body Find it in blue in today's top story!

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Pathfinder pilot recalls D-DayPathfinder pilot recalls D-Day
May 24, 2019 - David Hamilton was 21 years old when he was one of 20 pilots flying the first missions on D-Day.

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  1. Why is Rosa Parks called the 'Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?
  2. What prepared Rosa for the action she took on Montgomery City Bus #2857 on Dec. 1, 1955?
  3. Why was the life Rosa led such a courageous one?

Douglas Brinkley, author of Rosa Parks: A Life, speaks at the Student News Net Symposium on Sept. 14, 2018..

Weekly VOCAB

Week of June 24

intrusions: noun; anything that intrudes, becomes part of something, usually without being welcomed;
Arctic air mass to affect eastern two-thirds of country

publications: noun; newspapers, magazines, newletters, a collection of articles written by professional writers or journalists to inform their readers;
Book recommendation: The Big Year

tactics: noun; strategies, actions;
National Park profile: Whiskeytown

variety: noun; a number of different choices for something, such as donuts;
First Friday in June is always sweet

Today In History

June 25

1951: The first television broadcast in color was sent out by CBS.

1876: Library of Congress: George Armstrong Custer and the 265 men under his command lost their lives in the Battle of Little Big Horn, often referred to as Custer's Last Stand. Educated at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Custer proved his brilliance and daring as a cavalry officer of the Union Army in the Civil War. Major General George McClellan appointed the twenty-three-year-old Custer as brigadier general in charge of a Michigan cavalry brigade.

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