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Rare piping plover nest spotted in Ohio
Rare piping plover nest spotted in Ohio

June 15, 2021 - A nesting pair of piping plovers on a small inland lake beach off the southwestern shores of Lake Erie has birders flocking to the area and lighting up social media. It's been at least 80 years since a nest has been documented in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The piping plover is a federally and state endangered species.

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Week of June 14

dandy: adjective; very good, cool;
Dandelion is a dandy weed - and food

docile: adjective; calm, quiet, not active, peaceful;
Asian giant hornets: Who are you going to call? WSDA entomologists, the Hornetbusters!

unimpeded: adjective; not blocked, clear view or path;
Look to the sky for a lunar light show

Today In History

June 18

1983: Sally Ride, physicist and NASA astronaut, became the first woman to go into space. She launched on a shuttle mission and operated the robotic arm that placed satellites in space. She died in 2012.

1877: Library of Congress: James Montgomery Flagg, creator of the Uncle Sam illustration, was born in Pelham Manor, New York. Flagg claimed that his illustration, an indelible American icon, had become the most famous poster in the world. Dressed in his own Uncle Sam suit, he used himself as the model for this poster and his other Uncle Sam illustrations. An illustrator and portrait artist best known for his commercial art, Flagg contributed forty-six works in support of the war effort during World War I. Leslie's Weekly first published his picture of Uncle Sam as the cover of the July 6, 1916, issue with the title "What Are You Doing for Preparedness?" More than four million copies were printed between 1917 and 1918. The image also was used extensively during World War II. In 1961, Congress passed a resolution that officially recognized meat packer Samuel Wilson (1766-1854) as Uncle Sam's namesake.

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